Friday, January 30, 2015

Your Own Über Cool Pad in a Day:

A Heijmans ONE Project, this modular houses by the Moodworks Architecture from the Netherlands  can be built in one day and are geared towards working singles.  In my book though, it's me, the husband and more room for a feline princess.  I plucked this article from Web Urbanist and it's worth re-blogging. 

exterior at night

living space



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time Stood Still at Gadsden

Quite a while back I stumbled into a hotel that time forgot in Douglas, Arizona. The town itself was very sleepy in that desert sense with tumbleweeds meeting you as you entere the town, (cue in a duel of quick draw between two cowboys). But I digress, turns out, this hotel named Gadsden which was built in 1907 has stood witness to quite a few historical events and historical people.

During my visit, the hotel was run by laid back staff which is understandable as Douglas itself does not have a lot of tourists anymore. Back in the 1900's, Gadsden was built for cattle ranchers to lodge in  whilst in Douglas when they were away from home. In 1929, it suffered a catastrophic fire but was restored. The style of architecture of the hotel is Renaissance Revival and I deem it as part of the Gilded Age as it was built during that era in America. Check out the rich-colored marble columns and grand staircase.


  view from the 2nd floor

It is apparent that when Gadsden was built, no expense was spared for its quality materials, above is an authentic Tiffany stained glass situated on top of the staircase that depicts the Sonora Desert complete with a Saguaro cactus and other desert-scapes.

Just below the Tiffany-stained glass window is this preserved regal lioness in her full size and stateliness.  (Wanted to touch her just to see if she would bite).


It is often the case with hotels and Inns that with age comes the ghost stories. Legends have been spread all over that Gadsden has it's paranormal inhabitants and during Halloween season, this is a popular destination to test those theories. Hmm.

couldn't resist...

more Tiffany glass on the ceiling

Per research it is noted that Gadsden was used in a Paul Newman, Nastassja Kinski and a Tom Selleck movie. It was also visited by FL Eleanor Roosevelt and Arizona impressionist painter Effie Anderson Smith who resided and completed several paintings in this hotel in the 1940s. Lastly, Gadsden was featured in Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible in 2013 wherein more renovations were conducted.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tiny Chic Rental

I tumbled upon this über cool blog called MessyNessy Chic which featured this cute and petite maison that's for rent for tourists in Paris at a price of $110 per night. Not bad huh? Also considering the location is right at the center of the highly favored city. 

interior shot (kitchen)

Living room


Sorry, no bathroom shot :(
photos are from AirBNB

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Life in France: by Julia Child w/ Alex Prud d'homme

I enjoyed reading this book immensely. I devoured the words and details just as Julia Child did her Sole Meuniére the firs time she went to her la belle France. This book to me was mainly a travelogue with gastronomy as the main purpose and Sacré bleu! How it transported me. 

The novel chronicles Julia's years in France, her escapades through the little towns all over the country, her culinary adventures, building relationships with fellow food lovers, her time and in detail at Lé Cordon Bleu and the hurdles of book publishing.

The book is very well written in narrative form and one almost walked, thought and felt as Julia did as she imbibed France even to the aroma of the streets in Marseilles. France is made beautiful by her in this book and I like her feet-to-the-ground approach in dining and touring, preferring local flavors or “holes in the wall” restaurants and finding kindred among the culinary enthusiasts in those circles. It is also touching that her husband is given the due that he deserves as Julia's financier during her Lé Cordon Bleu days, being a great support and a gateway to notable contacts for her.

Do give this a tumble, you won't regret it and like any good book, there is the objective to finish it, but you'll feel sad when it ends. 


Friday, December 19, 2014